Kristi Strong

A writer since she was old to enough to hold a pen, Kristi spent most of her childhood moving around the world with her parents, both of whom are teachers. Their family adventures took her through much of Europe, America, and she spent three years living in Kuwait, experiencing the culture before and after Desert Storm. Though she enjoyed the nomadic life and uses her experiences and love of cultural variety in her books, she is now happily home with her family and pet cat in Winchester, Virginia.

Kristi’s journey as a published author began with her fantasy series, The Land of Kaldalangra, which tells the multi-generational story of the realm of Kaldalangra, a place of secrets, power clashes, and deceit. It is a realm where one woman has the power to change the world, but only if she can survive.

She then took a pause from the fantasy world to create her Young Adult contemporary novel, Finding Keepers, which tells the story of 16-year-old Alyssa Doe, a foster child since her mother abandoned her at the age of 10. Though it felt as her heart was breaking during the research part of this project, she kept writing to help bring light to the struggles of the teenage foster child, and hopes her words will give encouragement and strength to those in similar situations.